5 Small Budget Marketing Ideas With BIG Impact

Posted on October 20th, 2014
Business Skills & Planning

5 small budget marketing ideas with BIG impact

As a startup company, there is often limitations to the budget we have to sell the company’s products, vision and ideas. We are often under so much pressure that we end up not implementing any action due to a mental, as well as financial, block.

Over the years, I have learnt how to position a startup for it to receive recognition and mileage without a large budget.

The following lessons require that the entrepreneur understand that as a leader of your business, you are best placed to tell its story to the world, and you are also responsible for all the opportunities that your staff, as well as stakeholders, receive due to the initiatives that you engage in.

” It is a fact that everybody loves being appreciated and getting free stuff”

In order to win, you must stand out in a relevant manner at the right time.

Here are 5 ideas for increasing your corporate brand mileage and creating sales leads:

  • Host a small intimate client party out of season. It is a fact that everybody loves being appreciated and getting free stuff. Startups all too often only consider client functions during peak seasons. Plan something nice and unique to you that the relevant clients and prospects will enjoy, and do it.
  • Invest in a great logo. Marketing is a large scope of work, but there is a starting point. Design a crisp icon that represents the magic that is your business, it’s also the one icon that is displayed everywhere. It only makes sense that it looks great.
  • Spend time entering your business into high media coverage competitions. Very often our companies are placed under immense pressures to deliver everyday. We don’t often stop to take advantage of major free opportunities. Entering competitions only costs you time, so allocate some of your marketing budget on your time spent search and enter such competitions. There may be prizes too. It is key to judge the companies you will be associated with in the initiative and they will probably be prospective clients too.
  • Take your top 5 clients independently to lunch. As a startup, we need to have our finger on the pulse of what our client needs are, and where they are planning to go in future. It is key that you know strategic areas to address so you grow with the client and retain the revenue.
  • Create simple generic branded elements for your company. This includes banners (minimum three), golf shirts, media banner, website, and profiles. These serve as opportunities to sell yourselves everyday. This approach will assist you and the team to be nimble in taking advantage of opportunities.

The whole idea is to know what your company can afford, and make improvements no matter how small, so that progress is consistent all year round.

Lets do great things!

About the author: Karabo Songo is the Group founder and MD of Olive Communications, a full-service strategic communications agency. He is passionate about building innovative marketing businesses and brands within Africa with a difference and grow entities into profitable assets for shareholders.  Follow him at  on Twitter @ mr_k_s.