Be a Great One-Man Show

Updated on 4 November 2014

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Be a great one man showMany years ago, it was frowned on to be a one man show, a consultant or a freelancer of sorts. However, because of changing world and economic dynamics, acceptance of ‘one man’ shows is on the raise, but this does present some challenges.

The old saying that first and second impressions last remains true. Because as a “one man show” you are  starting from a somewhat  compromised point you should think of ways to present the greatest show to your potential clients and stakeholders.

The major challenge for the “one man show” is how to create a sense of organisation and trust and remain professional.

Here is a few practical ideas:

1. Get a well designed email signature with all your info

As the digital generation, we often look for contact or reference points from email signatures. Make sure the all professional emails are sent from your company domain and not a Gmail account. Also include social media links in your signature.

“You don’t need to be fancy, just consistent”

2. Update your company profile regularly

Many opportunities are missed if you are not telling your story. Share how great you are as a professional and take the time to define the journey that the profile will take its reader on.

3. Turn the back of your business card into a promo

The business card is your initial opportunity to wow and show that you focus on the detail. Be creative and let potential clients in by sharing a message about yourself or the company.

4. Position yourself as an expert

The most successful small operations excel at a skill or service that only they have taken time to master. It is imperative to make sure that your potential audience knows this.

5. Design templates and create brand standards for your marketing materials

Use the same color scheme, logo placement, look and feel throughout. You don’t need to be fancy, just consistent.

6. Create a simple corporate website for the company

And update your experience on popular sites such as Linkedin so stakeholders can view your progress

The aim of a great show is to create a simple and consistent brand performance. Because business is a team sport, make sure you represent a player that the rest of the team can trust.

Let us do great things!

About the author: Karabo Songo is the Group founder and MD of Olive Communications, a full-service strategic communications agency. He is passionate about building innovative marketing businesses and brands within Africa with a difference and grow entities into profitable assets for shareholders.  Follow him at  on Twitter @ mr_k_s.

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