Choose the right social media platform for your industry

Updated on 28 January 2015

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Choose the right social media platform for your industry

Because every industry is different, each business industry will have differing social media goals and needs. But how do you choose which one is right for your industry? Hootsuite, the social media management system for brand management, recently posted on their blog the social media platforms that companies in various sectors should not only be on, but mastering. The post by ‘blog specialist’, Evan LePage outlines the best platforms by industry.

Besides Twitter and Facebook (which are now pretty standard) here is where you should be focusing your social media efforts:

1. Retail – Instagram 

Why: Instagram is a visual medium that many retailers are already successfully taking advantage of.

“People on Instagram are more ready to accept photos taken from a phone or taken on the fly than they are when they’re looking at your website,” says LePage.

  • Hootsuite tip: Join  popular hashtags and perhaps consider creating your own campaigns in order to encourage user-generated content.

2. Manufacturing – LinkedInYoutube

While the manufacturing industry may not seem like it could benefit from social media presence, this is not the case. The industry should however focus more on B2B networks.

“LinkedIn can help them find and connect with prospects or clients, but should manufacturers really be on other social networks. We believe the answer to that is yes, and for one main reason: transparency,” writes LePage.

Another option for manufacturing companies is YouTube. Through video, brands can show their unique manufacturing processes.

  • Hootsuite tip:  Where YouTube is also advantageous is in the lesser expectation for regular posting.

3. Technology – All 

There is an expectation for those in tech, so constantly be ahead of tech and social media trends, says LePage.

“If you work in technology, you should be on top of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, even Instagram and Pinterest, because this is where your main consumer groups are active.”

  • Hootsuite tip: Tech companies should not be afraid to experiment with new social media platforms. “It might not amount to anything, or it might become your next major source of marketing opportunities and leads. That’s a risk worth taking,” writes LePage.

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