Entrepreneurs Find Home in LinkedIn’s Small Business Microsite

Updated on 7 April 2014

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Entrepreneurs find home in LinkedIn's small business microsite

LinkedIn, the professional social networking site, recently launched a microsite for small-business owners called LinkedIn Small Business. The site offers entrepreneurs the tools, tips, and guidance they need to make the most out of LinkedIn.

The website provides a crash course in using the social network to benefit your company, separate from your personal profile. The microsite will help small business owners in various ways, including:

Personal branding: The site offers small businesses guidance on perfecting a LinkedIn profile, tips on growing networks, advice on  how to demonstrate their business expertise online and become your network’s go-to’s resource. The website also shares information on how to keep up with industry news.

Marketing: The small business microsite offers businesses the how-to’s of building up their brands with a Company Page, discover ways to grow their group of followers, learn best practices for company updates, and reach consumers with sponsored updates and ads.

Sales: The site will help small businesses build up their sales networks, find sales leads and prospects, and help with reaching decision makers.
Hiring: LinkedIn’s new effort will also help small business learn how to build a brand that attracts top talent, attract relevant candidates using job posts, reach hard-to-find candidates, and research and pick the best candidates.

“LinkedIn wants to help take your business to the next level this year,” wrote Davis Schneider, content marketer and small business advocate at LinkedIn, on the company’s blog.

“Leading a small business isn’t always green pastures. Risk and uncertainty are present at every turn, and each decision you make can impact your company’s bottom line.”

LinkedIn recently conducted a study on how small businesses use social media to show how valuable the platform can be. The company discovered that growing small businesses find social media to be very effective in achieving their marketing goals.

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