SME mobile security on a budget

Posted on September 26th, 2014
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SME mobile security on a budget

The bring your own devices (BYOD) trend – which refers to employees bringing their smartphones and laptops to the workplace for use and connectivity on the corporate network, is one that’s quickly gaining popularity among SMEs.
Recent research done by software security company, Kaspersky Lab, shows that small businesses with fewer than 25 employees, have the same rate of mobile device adoption as large enterprises.
However, unlike their bigger counterparts, most SMEs lack the security awareness, technical expertise, and budget needed to properly protect company-issued or employee-owned mobile devices.
According to Kaspersky, a mixture of common-sense and adopting the right technological tools can go a long way in securing mobile devices.
Here are their tips to help small business owners ensure that their businesses are protected:

1. Educate your employees

Make sure that new employees are aware that they need to avoid risky usage habits (e.g., browsing questionable websites), if their smartphones or tablets contain workplace information, and if the device is lost or stolen, it should be reported immediately.

“Avoid purchasing a larger product than the business needs, and stick to core mobile security features”

2. Make use of basic anti-theft software

Use software that can remotely wipe the data from missing or stolen devices. There are devices available which offer similar functions built-in, as well as many third-party applications that can accomplish the same task. This, however, means you should make employees aware that they need to backup any personal data as all information is deleted when a device is swiped.

3. Avoid complexity

Avoid purchasing a larger product than the business needs, and stick to core mobile security features. A newly-created startup with five employees, for example, can’t spend hours using and managing a business-grade security product that wasn’t built for their needs

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