The 10 most popular startup ideas that aren’t tech

Updated on 30 January 2015

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The 10 most popular startup ideas that aren't techStartup companies and emerging entrepreneurs in the US are starting to explore alternative business ideas, rather than only looking at tech.

This is based on data from Bplans, an American business guidance provider which also provides industry insights published on online publication, Inc.

Every month, more than a million people log onto the site for business plan samples for over 500 different types of businesses.

Every year Palo Alto Software, which owns the Bplans website, tracks the most popular sectors and publishes the top 10.

The results should also provide insight and ideas for local startups who are looking to start businesses in non-tech industries.

Hit and miss industries

Sabrina Parsons, Palo Alto Software CEO, in an interview with the publication, said some of the previously most popular industries like real estate and technology have not been appealing to emerging entrepreneurs recently, mainly because of the recession period.

Parsons recommends the farm and food production industry for startup businesses because: “it’s an industry that’s very interesting and ripe for innovation.”

“It makes sense,” Parsons says, “given growing concerns about GMOs and factory farming, and the preference for locally sourced foods.”

Here is the complete list of the Top 10 Business Plan Searches for 2014:

1. Services

2. Restaurant Cafe and Bakery

3. Retail and Online Store

4. Medical and Health Care

5. Manufacturing

6. Nonprofit

7. Bar and Nightclub

8. Farm and Food Production

9. Wholesale and Distributor

10. Construction and Engineering

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