Twitter ‘don’ts’ for your brand

Updated on 2 May 2014

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Twitter 'don'ts' for your brand

Many businesses fail to realise how poor online management can harm their company’s reputation. If your business uses Twitter, you must be careful of what you tweet because what you say on Twitter can have real consequences for your brand. Just recently, a Twitter spokesperson for South African bank FNB  – Rb Jacobs – tweeted callously about terrorism in response to one of the bank’s followers (pictured below), causing a social media controversy and adding a black mark on the bank’s otherwise spotless online presence.
Here are five things you should not do on Twitter:
1. Don’t be unprofessional and emotional
You Twitter profile is an extension of you brand so keep all content on your social media platform strictly professional and friendly. If you wouldn’t say it to a potential client or investor, don’t say it on Twitter.
2. Don’t be inconsistent
One of the first thing people do before they follow an account is to go through the timeline. If they find that the account is inactive, they simply will not follow.  It’s important that your brand is visible and your followers know they can rely on your brand to engage with them on a regular basis. As a start, tweet between three and 10 times a day to make your presence felt.
3. Don’t forget to engage
Although it may seem like a one-sided affair, tweeting is actually about communication, which also requires that you listen and engage with your followers, comment on what they are doing and participate in trending conversations using hashtags.
4. Don’t follow just everyone and anyone
There is a lot of noise on Twitter, the secret is to decide what conversation you want to participate in. Your business account should help you connect with people and brands who are of relevance to your business. This is why it’s important to choose very wisely which accounts you want to follow to avoid irrelevant tweets flooding your timeline. Try following a mix of the following accounts: Industry leaders and experts, news, inspiration and business advice.
For those with varied interests,  Twitter allows you to set up lists for those accounts whose tweets you don’t want to appear on your timeline but still want to check what they are up to on Twitter.
5. Don’t tweet too much
Being active on Twitter is highly recommended, but excessive tweeting can get you unfollowed. Most people don’t enjoy receiving tons of tweets from the same account throughout the day and it may be considered spam – especially if you only tweet repetitive promotional material about your business. Like any good conversation, mix up what you tweet a little to include your business promotions, behind-the-scenes and helpful tips.

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