Why you need to care about Instagram’s new video app

Updated on 15 September 2014

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Why you need to care about Instagram's new video appThe visuals-based social media app, Instagram, has launched its own standalone video app called Hyperlapse.

Hyperlapse is designed to capture high-quality time lapse videos in an easy to use format. The app captures up to 45 minutes of smartphone video, speeds it up into 15 seconds and lets you send it out to your social networks.

Big brands such as Oreo and Mercedes-Benz have wasted no time and are already using the new app to their advantage to promote their products and campaigns.

Here are four examples of how you can use the power of storytelling to push your brands’ marketing further.

Taco Bell – Show how good your services are

Taco Bell’s Hyperlapse video takes you on a trip through their drive-thru to show just how fast their service is. While this is may not be an original idea, they were still one of the first brands to use the app for marketing their services.


Mercedes-Benz USA – Show off your great product

Mercedes-Benz gives us a great example of how to show off your product, especially if it’s along the lines of a luxury product. Mercedes uses their videos to give a quick view of the cars’ features as well as how it looks on the road. IFrame

Oreo – Promote a campaignHaving kicked off their Mini Delivery campaign where people were able to go onto Oreo’s microsite and send loved ones a mini cookie delivery. 500 personalised parcels of a mini Oreo cookie were sent. Oreo used the video an excited fan in California unboxing her mini package to further promote the campaign.


The White House – Show behind the scenesEven the world’s most influential buildings,  The White House, has joined in on the hype, Their Hyperlapse videos by give people a 15 second a tour of Barack Obama’s home. This could also be a useful idea for office tours on a company website.


Watch this video from Instagram to learn more about Hyperlapse:


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