Women to benefit from housing spend

Posted on August 1st, 2014

Women in construction to benefit from housing spendThe total human settlement budget is projected at R150 billion over five years, the thirty percent allocated to women is valued at over R35 billion for the five years.

Support for women and youth

Speaking at the South African Women in Construction (SAWIC) policy conference, Sisulu also said her department would set up a Women in Construction Support Branch to  assist women cooperatives and companies to access this allocation and also grow their companies.

The branch would be headed by Deputy Director-General (DDG) and would be dedicated to coordinating capacity development and general support to women in community infrastructure construction.

“We are committed to supporting women and youth. Our provinces and municipalities will also set up offices to support women and youth in construction. I call on women at this policy conference to support and encourage other women to join construction,” Sisulu said.

The Minister urged all partners in the construction sector  to join her and target 30 percent of their sub contracting work to women.

“All big companies and our partners are invited to join us in empowering women. l challenge them to award 30 percent of their work to women cooperatives and companies, particularly small-medium companies in order for them to grow. We as government will hold their hands and support them. Just give us a chance, we will show you what women can do,” She added.

Providing financing

The Minister also that she is considering the formation of a Women Construction Bank to focus on financing women cooperatives and construction companies that are involved in community infrastructure and human settlements projects.

“My dream is of a Women Construction Bank to assist you with bridging finance and loans for building material and vehicles for work. l think National Urban Reconstruction and Housing Agency (NURCHA), one of our development finance institution when it finally merge with Rural Housing Loan Fund (RHLF) and National Housing Finance Cooperation (NHFC), can assist us with this national task, to have dedicated financial teams and advisors for women, we will insist they must be women as well,” Sisulu said.