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18th ,November, 2021


Finrock offers working capital to the SME sector through invoice factoring and debtor finance, which is the borrowing against an invoice. 

Debtor finance enables business owners to bridge cash flow gaps by using your debtors’ book to secure advanced payments on your invoices.

Finrock buys a business’s invoices and gives cash upfront so businesses do not have to wait for customers to pay. They also provide a full debtor collection service, including sending out statements and collecting payments from customers on the due date. Lenders also  receive valuable credit risk information on customers and where necessary support with the legal collection process. 

The following  industries can take advantage of debtor finance/invoice factoring: retail, manufacturing, transport and logistics. 


  • Qualifying criteria – You can qualify for Finrock debtor finance / invoice factoring if:
    – Turnover should be between R5 million and R30 million to qualify for a facility with Finrock because they require a debtors book of at least R500,000 up to a max of R4 million
    – You sell on credit terms not exceeding 90 days
    – You sell to companies
    – You sell on an outright basis, not on a sale or return or consignment basisLenders need the following documents completed for Finrock to make an assessment:
    – Signed Application Form
    – CoR 14.3 CIPC Registration Certificate
    – Audited Financial Statements
    – Latest Management Accounts
    – Debtors age analysis
    – Creditors age analysis
    – Last 3 months bank statements
    – Statement of assets and liabilities of shareholders/members
  • Repayment terms –  Finrock will advance up to 75% of the SME’s debtors book and when the SME’s customer makes payment the 25% balance of the invoice is remitted to the SME, less our fee. The repayment term of the loan is over the period that the invoice is outstanding and is used to bridge the working capital cash flow gap between when the goods and/or services are delivered and payment is received. It is an ongoing facility that can be used to fund the working capital of the SME.
  • Application process – The application phase includes the collection of the application form and all relevant documents to be reviewed for approval. In the take-on stage, a reconciliation of the age analysis is performed and uploaded to the system. After reviewing the debtors and their transactions, an advance of up to 75% will be paid over.

After the successful take-on of the accounts receivable book, the operation will begin where ongoing invoices are reviewed and funded and administration on the debtors commence.


Their discount fee is 2.5% of the invoice value per 30 days from when they purchase the invoice until the invoice is paid by the SME’s customer.

Their discount fee includes the following:

  • Full debtor administration performed on behalf of the SME
  • Credit bureau reports and monitoring
  • Collection of invoices that are not funded. Our fee is only charged on those invoices where the SME receives their advance.
  • Access to their systems
  • Cashflow forecasts at month end
  • Monthly reporting on debtors 
  • Assistance with credit insurance management
  • Assistance with legal collections where required


Finrock offers a range of support services, including collection services. 


They only fund B2B businesses.

Brand Features

  • Invoice factoring / debtor finance
  • Full debtor collection service
  • Debtors finance facility
  • Focus on B2B businesses


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