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InTouch POS

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18th ,Jun, 2021


InTouch Point of Sale specialises in the retail and hospitality industries. They provide onsite and cloud POS solutions to their clients. InTouch POS products include software and hardware including the training and setup.

No internet is required for those who make use of their onsite Point of Sale solution.

For business owners who make use of the mobile POS, they are able to use iPads and Android tablets, or existing PC, a Mac or laptop, and the POS is able to work offline as well.

Features include stock control, a suite of reports, lay-buy extension, a loyal program, and the functionality to change your sales modes – for retail, quick service or restaurant operations.

Available POS products:

Mobile Point of Sale for entrepreneurs that sell from mobile bars, pop up stores, expos, food trucks, or food markets.

Retail Point of Sales for business owners who run liquor stores, clothing stores, supermarkets, butcheries, hardware stores, convenience stores,

Table Service Point of Sales for establishments like restaurants, bars, coffee shops, taverns, clubs and hotels

Quick Service Point of Sale. Those who sell take-aways, provide services from deli’s, café’s, canteens, home industries and bakeries, can make use of this product.


The InTouch POS Software has three packages – the Upos Basic costs R454.25 on a monthly basis, the Upos Enterprise costs R977.50 per month, and the Upos Pro is R632.50 per month.

Business owners can also buy other products separately such as the POS hardware, POS accessories, and Ipads. Hardware like the Barcode Scanner Netsocket Blue Tooth costs R5,899.50, the Barcode Label Printer costs R5,175, and the Epson TM-T20II USB Printer Receipt is R3,392.50.

There are also Starter Kits available, which would include hardware and consumables (such as paper rolls, thermal paper, credit card rolls). The Ipad Restaurant Starter Kit costs R17,625; the Ipad Retail Starter Kit is R23,977.50; and the Touch Screen Restaurant Starter Kit costs R19,780.


  • Payment integration. Get a variety of payment options for your customers including credit/ debit card, Zapper and SnapScan.
  • Kitchen display. With this functionality you can quickly transfer orders to the kitchen, gain insights into cook times and key metrics.
  • Online ordering. You are able to synchronise your existing Point of Sale menu to your website and custom app, set customer delivery zones and have customers place their orders online immediately.
  • SMS/ Email alerts. It’s a way to keep an eye on operations – get notifications via text message or email on the activity within your store including the voids, discounts, refunds or sales made.


You are able to work offline. The mobile POS allows entrepreneurs to save money on expensive hardware – you can use iPad’s and Android tablets or existing PC, Mac or laptop.


There is no mention of vend solutions such as selling prepaid airtime and data.

Customer Service

InTouch has a vast range of support for their clients including a 24/7/365 support desk, Dedicated Account Management, Hardware Maintenance Program and 3rd Party Integration.

Brand Features

  • Variety of payment options
  • Detailed reporting
  • Online ordering
  • SMS/ Email alerts on store activity
  • Kitchen display functionality
  • Offline functionality


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