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28th ,June, 2021


Merchant Capital offers alternative business financing to businesses that operate in the industries retail, wholesale, manufacturing, as well as services-based businesses. Online applications can take up to 48 hours to be approved.

Customers of Merchant Capital can qualify for a re-advance once 70% of their facility has been paid back. The repayment options are flexible.


– Type of Funding – Businesses can apply to get a Cash Advance based on their monthly credit card sales.

– Qualifying Criteria – To qualify, businesses must have an average of over R80 000 in credit and debit card sales per month and must have been in operation for more than 12 months.

– Repayment Terms – Two repayment options are available, Split Processing and the daily debit order. The Split Processing repayments take place directly via your debit and credit card terminal, meaning that every time a customer pays with a card, a percentage of that transaction goes straight to Merchant Capital while the remainder is paid into your bank account. The daily debit order option allows business owners to pay back a specific amount on a daily basis and is based on the business’s trading pattern. The repayments are customised and are based on your monthly transactions.

– Application process – There are two ways in which you can apply: online –  after completing your application an email is sent detailing next steps including what documentation is needed. You will also receive a phone call from a sales executive during the application process. Face-to-face/telephonic –  you have the option of talking directly to a sales executive.


Merchant Capital does not have a financing calculator as they promise customised financing solutions for each client. Their repayment options are partly determined by trading patterns with the option for daily or weekly repayments. You are able to apply for a re-advance once 70% of your facility has been paid back.


Repayments will be determined- and in line with your turnover. There are no hidden costs.


No financing calculator – have to consult with their team to see what you may qualify for. 

Customer Service

They have several support services available including a chatbot, a contact number and email address available to contact the Merchant Capital team.

Brand Features

  • Cash advance
  • Pays out within 48 hours
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • 12 Month operational limit


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