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18th ,June, 2021


Wappoint offers POS solutions. Users can purchase the POS system outright or opt for their rental option. Their products are ideal for business owners operating in the events industry. The brand promises that a backup card payment device is available on site at major events.

They offer the following options – a credit and debit card POS terminal, a wireless Speedpoint Machine or online card payment solution, an e-commerce payment gateway that accepts card payments on your website, and Payment Page which accepts card payments via a payment link.

Some of the features for their Pocket Pro Card Machine speedpoint card machine are – supports multiple operators and generates printed receipts, swipe, insert or Tap & Go functionality, generation of electronic receipts.

All of Wappoint’s terminal devices accept Visa & Mastercards, however, the Pocket devices only accept PIN or Chip based cards. The Online Terminals only accept cards with an expiry date and CVV.

Merchants who would like to accept Amex, Diners, Union Pay, SASSA, Koopkrag, Fleet or other types of cards, can get this enabled on the Speed Point solution.


The Pocket Pro card machines are available in three packages and are available for monthly rental or to purchase. Costs start R149 per month for the rental and R1,449 if you purchase it out right. The Pocket Pro is available for free if your turnover is more than R25,000 per month.

The Speed Point device costs start at R400 per month (average) for rentals and R4,999.

The purchased products must be repaired at least once a year – at an additional cost.


  • The option to rent or purchase. Whether you’re hosting a weekly event like church or tutoring, offer live entertainment every once in a while, or you are managing a business in the retail industry, you get the option to buy once-off or rent the product on a monthly basis.
  • Comprehensive online reporting tools. Get access to detailed CSV reporting including your transactional history. You will get the opportunity to manage multiple businesses or branches under one account. The reports can be integrated with accounting software.
  • E-commerce functionality. Wappoint can help you accept online or e-commerce card payments. They also offer a five-minute shopping cart/ invoice integration.
  • Back up available. In case your existing POS terminal goes down, they offer free backup online Snap & Pay terminal to process transactions.


Competitive rates. A variety of credit and debit card brands are accepted.


Other types of cards like Amex, Diners, Union Pay, SASSA, Koopkrag, Fleet can be enabled but each of these may require additional application time or paperwork to get it loaded on your terminal.

Brand Features

  • Detailed CSV Reporting
  • E-commerce-integration
  • Manage multiple stores
  • Free backup online
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Rent or purchase product options


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