Choosing the Right Document Solution for your Business

Posted on December 3rd, 2018
Business Skills & Planning


Deciding on the right document solution can be overwhelming at the best of times. There is a huge amount of information that moves through the average business – from invoices and staff records to receipts and contractual information archives. When the business was initially started, document storage may not even have been a consideration, but these days – if not addressed – can cause painful inconveniences.

And so, if you have finally decided that it’s time to invest in a proper records management solution, there are a number of considerations you should be made aware of. For example, do you have staff that is qualified to support proper document management onsite, or should you rather outsource it to an offsite professional who specialsies in this field? Or should you be considering a combination of the two? A professional document solution company will be able to evaluate your current processes to identify the information management gaps and make a recommendation in this regard.

Here are some important aspects to consider when looking for the right fit:

1. Price

Expense will always be a factor when selecting a service provider. But remember, the cost of the service is not necessarily the best indicator of its quality. So, keep in mind that the cost should largely be determined by the range and complexity of services you will require.

2. Usability

A crucial factor in the success of your new document management system is ease of use. A system that is too complex will require extensive training and integration which can be costly.

3. Proven track record

Look out for complaints, testimonials or reviews on the company you may be considering. If the company gets good references, you’re off to a good start!

4. Client Support

Good customer support is essential. Details such as technical support, training and a general willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty will make the transition easier.

5. Compatibility

Do your research to determine how compatible the new systems are with your current setup. A good document solutions service provider will consult with, and advise, you on the best way forward. They will consider a number of ‘invisible’ factors such as your current printers, faxes, scanners and email systems.

A good document management system will provide a tailor-made framework for organising and protecting both your digital and hard copy documents. So, make sure your business functions optimally in terms of efficiency, time management and information protection by investing in the right document solution, today.