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Hello SME-SA,
We have developed a platform that allows SMEs in manufacturing to take advantage of the benefits of digitization. Our solution is unique in the world, aimed at developing countries to augment and aid human workers, improving productivity, safety, training, traceability, and efficiency. It will help ensure job security for South African workers and a competitive advantage for South African industries.
Hello, I am a distributor of Pit Latrine Sanitizer Tablets which are used in Pit toilets in order to break down the waste so your toilet doesn't get full, remove unpleasant smells and get rid of mosquito and other bugs in the toilet as well as bacteria. Please contact me should you wish to know more or buy a product, it can be delivered across South Africa. Best Regards
ZakesBigBen is a registered company with CIPC and the national Data base, and with S.A.R.S. Compliant, it excels in financial education and personal clothing tailoring..