Could a business coach help you become a better entrepreneur?

Updated on 6 February 2015

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Could a business coach help you become a better entrepreneur?


Many entrepreneurs will be able to relate to this scenario: you come up with a good idea, decide to pursue it and suddenly you have to get an expert in sales, HR, IT and even finances.

It’s little surprise that many entrepreneurs often feel overwhelmed and unprepared.

While an entrepreneur can (and often do do it alone), an option that is not considered by many is that of a business coach.

Traditionally business coaches were asked to come on board when the wheels were literally coming off the bus, if at all. That has changed, many entrepreneurs are starting to seek out the help of a coach when they are feeling stuck, or are looking to fully unlock theirs and their business’ potential.

Lungisa Sonqishe is Cape Town based certified business coach who runs her own consulting coaching business, 3Eleven11. She specialises in personal, branding, life and career coaching.

Sonqishe is careful to point that while a business coach can play a role in business success, commitment from an entrepreneur is still required.

“In order for small businesses and beginning entrepreneurs to succeed in their chosen endeavours, they should have passion for what they do. That is the biggest secret for success.”

People stall because they are stuck

We speak to Sonqishe about some of the issues a business coach can help a startup founder with.

When would an entrepreneur know that it’s time to approach a business coach for help?

Business coaching is not only for when things are going badly, but also for many other aspects of your business.

However, a typical ‘coachee’ would have problems in the following areas:

  • Struggling to get costumers or clients (or seeing a decline in the number).
  • Ineffective marketing strategies (or always sticking with the old-school approach).
  • Having no motivation or drive to make the business work.
  • Inability to successfully communicate with the right market in the right way.
  • Problems with work overload.
  • Procrastination and unaccountability.
  • Feeling a lack of creativity or imagination to help your business standout.
  • Feeling like they have too much competition.

What are some of the benefits for entrepreneurs and small business owners with regards to business coaching?

​1. Focus

The most important benefit of hiring a coach, by far, is helping you focus on your goals. Therefore, having an idea for a business is one thing, but keeping it running smoothly and effectively is another.

People often feel overwhelmed easily. They try to perform too many tasks all at once and this leaves them with the feeling of ‘chasing their own tail’. A business coach will help you to focus and achieve those goals.

However, first you need to know what those goals are for your business. A coach will not only help you focus on your goals, but would assist you to become crystal clear on what those goals are. When you have a map of where you are going, it’s easier to reach your destination.

With the right coach you will never have excuses again

2. Accountability

A life coach would hold you accountable when you are not pulling your weight. A great coach will remind you that stalling and procrastination will not help you reach those goals. Nothing will ever happen without action. In fact, they probably know all the excuses in the book and will hold you responsible for your own self-sabotaging tactics. Therefore, with the right coach you will never have excuses again.

3. Branding

A life coach will help establish a solid personal brand that translates to your business. This way you will be unique in your chosen market. It is hugely important to differentiate yourself and your business from your competition. This is done by being true to who you are.

A great coach will remind you to never become a replica of someone else or their business, but to be genuine about your values, ethics and principles.

4. Perspective

A life coach would encourage you to view your business in a new way that may have not occurred to you. This strategy helps give an unattached approach to understanding your business.

You will feel inspired and ignited because you are focused and clear about where to go next. People stall because they are stuck.

What are some of the issues that are covered in the average coaching session?

The points below are some of elements one can generally expect in a coaching session:
1. Build a personal brand.
2. Create clear, specific, realistic goals that are achievable within a definite date.
3. Generate a workable action plan and other strategies that will require 100% commitment.
4. Expect to be held accountable.
5. Non-judgmental support and encouragement.

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