Collaboration as a Marketing Strategy

Posted on February 4th, 2019
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It takes a community to build a business, says Gwen Serrotti, an entrepreneur and founder of the initiative Xtraordinary Women, a business network for women. She advises that part of making your community work for you is by enlisting their help and collaborating with them in your sales and marketing strategy efforts.

Serrotti says there are multiple benefits to entrepreneurs marketing each other’s businesses through word of mouth and that it should be part of every entrepreneur’s marketing strategy.

In a previous interview with SME South Africa, Marang Marekimane, a business strategist, shared how this can be done in the setting of a networking event.

“Go as a group of three people, for example. Walk around and make multiple connections. Each of you being each other’s marketer; look out for one another.”

Serrotti shares Marekimane’s sentiment adding that entrepreneurs can also support each other by recommending each other’s services. She adds: “When you are seen as helping others, they in turn, will be inclined to return the favour.”

Serrotti started Xtraordinary Women in 2007 after realising how difficult and lonely the life of an entrepreneur can be. The initiative connects women entrepreneurs with each through various initiatives including events.

How to collab with other entrepreneurs


  • Experience their service offering or products, this is the first step, says Serrotti.
  • Offer to write a testimonial for them for their website, Facebook Page and LinkedIn. “As mentioned before, word of mouth is very powerful and there is nothing better than a first-hand testimonial from a satisfied client raving about your services.”
  • Lastly, refer business to them. Advise the person that you are referring to tell the business that you have recommended them, so that they can see that networking works and that you are supporting them.


  • Don’t do a referral on the condition that they’ll return the favour. “The referral must come from the heart and not from a place where you expect business in return.”

Working with Other Entrepreneurs Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy