Motivational Life Hacks Every South African Entrepreneur Should Know

Updated on 30 May 2019

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If you are, once in a while, feeling fearful or are experiencing self-doubts, you are not alone.

In fact, the most qualified and experienced entrepreneurs still experience self-doubt and fear at some point in their lives, according to Tania Shingler, entrepreneur and founder of The Authentic Boss, a business network group for entrepreneurs on Facebook.

Shingler said she will tell any person who says they haven’t gone through self-doubt and fear within their businesses that they are lying.

For example, Steve Harvey, American entrepreneur and celebrity talk show host, said everything he’s ever done, started with a fear. “I have to overcome fear all the time,” said Harvey.

Shingler too, confessed, that 17 years down the line she still worries if she is good enough. “When a client chooses someone else over me, I start breaking myself apart. This is unfortunately human nature.”

Affirmations – a key to success

Shingler told Briony Liber, a business coach, that our minds such powerful tools, we need to train ourselves to see our true potential. “I truly believe that what you think about, you bring about.”

She said that when you are going through a bad time, you should:

– Do a vision board

– Create affirmations

– Steer clear of anything or anyone who is not helping you grow

According to Shingler, to tackle self-doubt and fear, you have to address the negative feelings and have affirmations visible everywhere. For her, affirmations is a powerful tool to use, a way to motivate yourself. When it comes to affirmations, here’s what you should do:

1. Take a pen and paper and write down affirmations. You must work in the present time when you come up with these affirmations. Phrases like “I am abundant” and “I am strong” and “I am successful” are affirmations.

2. Say it out loud, regularly (or daily). There is power in saying these words out loud and the more you repeat them with conviction the more the universe will take you seriously.

3. Post the affirmations up where you can see it daily – when we see things we believe them.

4. Have a kick ass playlist and listen to it to keep your heart and mind in a state of happiness.

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