Startup News Roundup – fibrePOYNT Receives Funding to Provide Internet to Townships & More (17 – 21 May)

Updated on 17 May 2021

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Joburg-based fibrePOYNT Receives Funding to Provide Internet to Townships

Joburg-based fibrePOYNT Receives Funding to Provide Internet to Townships

The Technology Innovation Agency (TIA), an entity of the Department of Science and Innovation, is funding a Gauteng-based startup that is developing an alternative antenna- based high-speed fixed internet solution for low-income communities.

FibrePoynt (Pty) Ltd is developing this internet/wireless communication system that can be an alternative or supplementary to fibre to the home (FTTH) underground or overhead cable technology.

TIA Portfolio Commercialisation Manager Sipho Dikweni said the technology not only puts South Africa on the map, but responds to the socio-economic challenges and the country’s strategic broadband imperatives to make internet accessible to everyone, irrespective of their socio-economic status and geographic location.

Dikweni added that low to middle income peri-urban and township households can now connect to the internet, which was not possible with current technologies.

“The innovation will also solve signal strength problems and costs typically found in existing ‘last mile’ antenna wireless rollouts. The aim is to enable internet network owners to deliver internet to dwellings at a lower cost than currently possible,” Dikweni said.

The FibrePoynt technology uses passive beam forming, beam pattern diversity and beam shaping to get the best possible signal to the home units which then provides Wi-Fi for the end user devices to connect to.

“FibrePoynt enables the rollout of fixed wireless broadband network without trenching underground fibre in the last-mile connection to homes, thus reducing infrastructure costs by more than 50%. The technology promises a cost effective, faster-rollout, and high-speed alternative deployment of broadband infrastructure in areas that were previously deemed unfeasible.

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Crystal Partners a Majority Black Female-owned VC Firm Launches in South Africa

Officially launched in Johannesburg on 27 April 2021, Crystal Partners is a majority black female-owned and led investment entity. 

Crystal Partners is the alternative investments arm of Beryl Group – a pan-African investments company.

Crystal Partners is focused on providing and supporting business leadership that will have a positive social impact both in Africa and globally.

Kgomotso Motshidi, Executive Director of Crystal Partners explains that the launch of the new investment company coincides with the growth of entrepreneurship in Africa.

 “It is undeniable that Africa is the next frontier in terms of growth and entrepreneurial development – that is why it is timely for Crystal Partners to cement its place in the market”.

SA Mobile Gaming Startup Carry1st Raises $6m Series A to Expand Across Africa

Carry1st, a South African mobile games publishing startup has raised $6 million in Series A funding led by Konvoy Ventures with participation from Riot Games, Raine Ventures, AET Fund/Akatsuki, and TTV Capital.

The investment round will be used to enter new partnerships, launch and scale its existing portfolio of games, and expand its product, engineering, and growth teams.

Carry1st provides a full publishing solution, handling distribution, localization, user acquisition, marketing, customer experience, and monetisation for its partners.

Carry1st’s Pay1st platform is an embedded fintech solution that consolidates popular payment methods in six African countries, allowing customers to pay in their preferred way.

As part of the raise, Konvoy Venture’s managing partner Jackson Vaughan will join the board of Carry1st.

New Platform for Nurses Launches

Patient Health (Pty) Ltd, a tech company has launched is a new digital platform for African nurses.

Patient Health (Pty) Ltd equips organizations in the healthcare industry with custom technology solutions and services

The Afrinurse platform centralises resources and services that empower and support nurses across Africa. The platform is multifunctional with features that centralises job hunting, mental health, financial and physical wellness, and knowledge sharing.

The multifeatured platform that supports nurses’ overall wellness; by giving them access to mental health tools, and a booking portal that connects them to psychologists and other healthcare professionals online.

The platform hosts a library of practical and verified educational videos and Information that assist nurses on how to manage the pandemic, its vaccine, and other topics related to executing their daily tasks.

The built-in job Board assists nurses by centralising all levels of job hunting, including moonlighting and once-off reliever jobs which not only allows potential employers to post jobs but for the first-time allowing nurses to advertise their availability to work.

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