How to Pitch an Idea to Potential Investors

Posted on October 9th, 2018
Business Skills & Planning

A no is not forever, it just means not now – this is one of the pitching secrets entrepreneur and public speaker Sajen Thathiah shares with South African entrepreneurs.

He recently gave a masterclass on “Pitching to Win” at the I Am An Entrepreneur (IAAE) event hosted in Cape Town. IAAE is an initiative founded by entrepreneur Andile Khumalo, with one of its goals being to provide entrepreneurs with skills in marketing, sales and finance.

IAAE is hosted all over South Africa. Experts like Thathiah share their knowledge on various topics.

Here are Thathiah’s tips on pitching to potential investors, partners or clients:

1. Remember your body language plays a role when pitching. Also, be wary on how you respond to investors’ questions and feedback.
Sajen Thathiah Pitch to Win


2. Be mindful of your team members and show your appreciation to them
Sajen Thathiah Pitch to Win


3. Be positive, optimistic
Sajen Thathiah Pitch to Win


4. How you carry yourself matters – people can pick up on your energy
Sajen Thathiah Pitch to Win


5. Know where you’re going and make people fall in love with your story
Sajen Thathiah Pitch to Win


6. Ask yourself: why should they (the investors) care
Sajen Thathiah pitch to win