5 ways to be a more balanced entrepreneur

Updated on 6 January 2016

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5 ways to be a more balanced entrepreneur in 2016
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The life of a typical entrepreneur often involves long working hours, sleepless nights and stress, this means that many entrepreneurs don’t take the time to take care of themselves.With the start of the New Year, we have put together wellness tips and tricks to assist entrepreneurs find that balance and be more productive this year.

1. Be more active 
Most entrepreneurs are guilty of neglecting to take care of their bodies all in pursuit of success.

This means working long hours, often without taking a break even for lunch in some cases. Instead, lunch is often regarded as an opportunity to check emails or make calls.

However, sitting at your desk all day has been shown to have a lasting negative impact on your health. According to the Discovery Healthy Company Index it can actually decrease your productivity and increase stress levels.

In the article The one bad health habit all entrepreneurs should avoid, Dr Jill Borresen, exercise scientist and senior research specialist at Discovery Vitality, says regular interruptions from sitting, even simply standing up, may help to reduce your risk factors for diseases such as hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes and chronic kidney disease, and improve overall health.

2. Find ways to de-stress
Even the busiest business owners need to take time off.

In the article De-stressing for success – ideas for busy entrepreneurs, Katlego Kolobe, a certified master coach who works in the corporate sector focusing on blue-chip organisations, says finding ways to de-stress and unwind, has great health benefits which include, increased energy levels, clear thinking and even increased creativity.

Kolobe’s ideas for some of the ways entrepreneurs can de-stress is through creative pursuits (everything from art, music, dancing, crafting and even cooking), meditation and relaxation, travel and leisure and physical activities.

3. Let go of your fears
One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs have to overcome is fear. From fear of failure and responsibility to rejection and not having the time.

Lungisa Sonqishe, business life coach and founder of Eleven11, in the article 5 fears that can cripple entrepreneurs, says fear is one of the biggest reasons most entrepreneurs don’t finish what they start.

According to Sonqishe, fear can rob entrepreneurs of the feeling of accomplishment and can keep them “paralysed, inactive and dejected”.

4. Take a break
Working 24/7 can be counter-productive. Being a workaholic can be detrimental not only to an entrepreneur’s health but their business too, says speaker, health and wellness expert and author, Bridget Edwards, in the article What’s causing your festive season stress AND practical ideas to manage it.

Edwards advocates allocating time to switch off, relax and reconnect.

Some of the negative effects of being overworked include health-related issues ranging from sleeping disorders, aches, and pains to high blood pressure and depression.

5. Take care of your mental health
In an article, Depression: The dark side of entrepreneurship, thought leader, Rick Ed, writes that there needs to be a greater focus on entrepreneurs’ mental health.

According to Ed, the challenges faced daily by entrepreneurs, can take a toll on their mental wellbeing, making them vulnerable to depression.

One of the saddest ways that depression can affect entrepreneurs, Ed says, is that it can cause them to only see their failures and disregard their successes.

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