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Updated on 13 January 2020

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The Youth Ideas Development (YID) Tech programme was launched in partnership with Technoserve and the Citi Foundation to develop skills in electronics among youth in South Africa. The programme aims to assist 60 young people around the country with certified electronics training, business funding or selected finalists get placement in relevant technology companies.

Thabang Lentsoana, business advisor of the programme, gives the ins and outs of the tech programme and the benefits of joining:

What kinds of businesses/sector does your programme target?

YID-Tech is a youth development programme focused on empowering business-minded youth around the country with knowledge and skills in the electronics maintenance and assembly sector, under information and communications technology (ICT).

The programme is for entrepreneurial persons who are currently working or intending to study in the electronics field in order to become electronics specialists. The programme is primarily for startups, but it does accept operational businesses where our programme inputs are directly proportional to their business’ needs.

What kind of entrepreneur are you looking to support?

We are looking to support entrepreneurs that are creative, they must be problem-solvers who think out of the box, are persistent and patient.

What are some of the resources that they have access to as part of your programme?

  • The entrepreneurs will have access to MICT-SETA accredited trainers who will provide them with the certified training on the electronics skills programme.
  • They will also have access to TechnoServe’s business advisors who will provide them with the coaching to support their businesses/business ideas throughout the lifetime of the program.
  • Entrepreneurship training will be provided to all candidates to supplement the certified training and have them geared up to start their enterprises. They will be assigned a mentor from the electronics sector who will come with a wealth of experience, as well as technical inputs to assist them.
  • They will have access to talks by successful electronics sector representatives, who will paint a picture of where the industry comes from and where it is going.
  • Through our strategic partners, some of the programme’s candidates will have access to stipend-paid internships to further broaden their horizons.
  • Business development candidates will have access to electronics repair kits that will help them set up their entities. They will have access to grant-funding to further assist them in getting their businesses off the ground.
  • Access to markets will be sought by TechnoServe to link the entrepreneurs to potential customers.

What costs are involved for the entrepreneur?

There are no costs, whatsoever, involved for any entrepreneur joining our program.

What is the duration of the programme?

The YID-Tech program is a 12-month programme which includes a three-month masterclass training period where we need the entrepreneurs to fully commit their time.

Six months is reserved for after-care and mentorship and there are a few contact sessions, thereby freeing the entrepreneur to focus on their budding enterprises.

What can the entrepreneur expect to gain from the programme?

  • The YID-Tech program will provide tailored education tools (focused on innovation and electronics), technical and financial support to help them realise their goals of being meaningful contributors to the country’s economy.
  • After successfully completing the masterclass training, they will receive a statement of results, which means they will be accredited Electronics Technicians, opening an avenue for market linkages as well as employment opportunities.
  • Through the entrepreneurship training, they will be able to create an effective business structure and strategy.
  • The business pitch training will teach them how to effectively sell their businesses with confidence and conviction.
  • They will receive mentoring from electronics-sector experts, thereby adding an edge to their business idea. Nine months of continuous coaching by the programme’s business advisors will help them remain in alignment with their business goals and add a few course-corrections where necessary.

Any case studies/testimonies you would like to share with our readers?

The first Youth Ideas Development Programme (2018 – 2019) has impacted the lives of the participants in various ways. One of our participants is Phumzile Mthembu, a 26-year-old from Tembisa, Johannesburg who owns a company called Ingcweti which manufactures a coconut-based cosmetic range, with a focus on baby skincare.

Through the programme Mthembu learned how to be innovative, creative and how to pitch her business, which has assisted her in winning prize money of over R100,000 from pitching competitions.

Speaking on her experiences with YID, Mthembu said: “I believe what they are doing for our businesses is great as entrepreneurship is needed especially now that the youth unemployment rate has increased.

“The amazing support we get even after classes are over, is just amazing and I am begging them not to end this programme because it’s going to bring about a lot of change especially for our township economy.”

What is the best way that they can approach your organisation (email, walk in etc)?

  • The best way for entrepreneurs to reach us is through email: or
  • They can visit our Facebook page:

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