What to expect at the Africa Sourcing and Enterprise Summit

Updated on 23 February 2016

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The Africa Sourcing and Enterprise Summit takes place from 1 to 3 March, 2016 in Cape Town. The summit invites policy holders, representatives from E&SD, economic development, chambers of commerce, banks, development banks, building society banks, small business development agencies, incubators and funders to share in the dialogue at this notable annual event.

Over the years, Africa has embraced newer models of business to create more opportunities for economic growth. Driven by supplier diversification, economic transfer and building a more dynamic local content procurement approach, enterprise and supplier development (E&SD) is becoming a global action to inspire economies and create jobs. Key to this achievement is the role played by procurement and policy makers in driving local sourcing and developing small businesses into real industry players.

But how do procurement and supply chain executives get involved? Where do key policy makers fit in? How can governments migrate from cheap talk to actually walking the talk? What role does big business play in creating wider a footprint and business opportunities for SMMEs, both locally and internationally?

Through the discussion achieved at the Africa Sourcing and Enterprise Summit  which is co-located with one of Africa’s longest standing and largest procurement and inbound supply chain indabas, Smart Procurement World.

“The summit will be an eye-opener and will reflect on how trade policies can make or break the African economy and how we can join voices and create sustainable growth of Africa’s small businesses” says Dr Mohan Kaul, Conference Chairman and Executive Chairman, Commonwealth Investment Corporation.

Dedicated government officials will deliver ministerial keynote addresses aimed at highlighting what Big Business and government can do to ensure long-term SMME success. South Africa is pleased to host the current confirmed dignitaries: Hon Minister Lindiwe Zulu, Minister of Small Business Development, South Africa, Hon Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe, Minister Commerce Trade and Industry, Zambia; Hon Minister Amelia Kyambadde, Minister of Trade, Industry and Co-Operatives, Uganda; and Hon Minister Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, Minister of Trade and Industry, Ghana.

“With an imperative on local growth and sourcing, the dialogue at the Africa Sourcing & Enterprise Summit will focus on stimulating Africa’s SMMEs globally and locally through innovative big business and trade linkages”, notes Debbie Tagg, COO, Smart Procurement.

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