Find out why this startup is having a really good year

Updated on 6 April 2016

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Find out why this startup is having a really good year

A little over a year ago, Giraffe, the mobile recruitment app which enables businesses to recruit staff faster and cheaper, had just celebrated what was then a major milestone: the startup had in its first two months secured 10 000 job seeker registrations for their recruitment services. This was followed, a few months later, with the startup being selected to represent South Africa at Seedstars World, a global seed-stage startup competition for emerging markets.

At the time, CEO Anish Shivdasani said the team was not resting on its laurels just yet and that there were still a lot of work to be done, alluding to the fact that there were still bigger goals to achieve.

Eight months later and the startup has done just that. Giraffe, which was founded by Shivdasani together with Shafin Anwarsha, Bradley Cowie and Chetna Parbhoo in 2014, now boasts over 100 000 job seekers registered on the platform, with the number growing by nearly 1 000 a month, says Shivdasani, they are now also generating revenue, says Shivdasani.

“The numbers are looking good and trending very positively upward,” he says.

WATCH: CEO Anish Shivdasani breaks down their key startup metrics and why 2016 is all about the startup’s expansion.

The world’s best startup
Giraffe was also earlier this year crowned the Seedstars World Global Winner 2015, beating out 53 other tech startups from other emerging markets to win the first prize of up to US$500 000 in equity investment.

Anwarsha who represented the startup in Switzerland in March this year believes what set them apart was their strong social impact, particularly in light of South Africa’s high unemployment rate. The startups are judged on the product, the team and potential for scalability.

WATCH: Head of product, Shafin Anwarsha and lead developer, Bradley Cowie talk about the power of doing work that changes lives and why it always comes down to a strong team.


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