Meet SME Growth Champions Seminar speaker: Kay Vittee

Updated on 30 May 2016

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Meet SME Growth Champions Seminar speaker Kay Vittee

Employees in a small business are one of the biggest contributors to its success and growth.

In addition to revenue, its profits and the size of its client base, the number of employees a business has is a good indicator of whether the business is growing or not, says Kay Vittee, CEO of recruitment agency, Quest Staffing Solutions.

Hiring right from the start

The first 1 000 days are the most difficult for a startup, it is therefore, important to get the right person from the start. Vittee says the impact of hiring the wrong employee not only includes many hours lost but that it is expensive too.

“Employees play an essential part in attaining your business objectives and ensuring that your organisation is equipped to tackle the challenges and is sustainable and grows,” she says.

In addition to getting their hiring right, Vittee, whose experience and personal journey of success have made her a sought-after speaker and thought leader in the area of human capital, says business owners should also focus on other areas of their business to ensure sustainability.

This includes a detailed business plan, ensuring their financials and cash flow are well managed, and having a solid forecast and projections. Other areas of focus are bringing in a solid mentor to give sound advice and to help maintain focus, as well as networking with the right people to help market their business.

Vittee, who is also one of the speakers at the SME South Africa Growth Champion Seminar, shares three ways to get the most from your hires.

1. Get the right people with the right attitude and skill.

2. Have the best management team on board.

3. Ensure that you delight your clients and your people.

Catch Vittee at the SME South Africa Growth Champion Seminar taking place in Midrand on 9 June.

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