Business is challenging, getting rewarded is easy

Updated on 11 November 2016

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Business is challenging, getting rewarded is easy


With entrepreneurial enterprises playing a crucial role in the South African economy, SMEs are looking for value-added benefits from their financial partners to help them grow their businesses.

A rewards programme is one way in which a bank can assist its customers, and UCount Rewards for Business from Standard Bank is doing just that – rewarding businesses for simply using their Business Credit, Cheque or Debit Card for everyday business purchases.

Now businesses can collect rewards points on everything from filling up their fleet to booking flights to shopping at Rewards Retailers and more.

The number of tiering points a business collects is based on their monthly Business Banking activity and the number of qualifying products and services they use every month. There are five reward tiers – and the higher their tier, the more reward points they will collect on their qualifying* purchases.

Collecting rewards points

When using their Standard Bank Business Credit, Cheque or Debit Card for qualifying purchases, businesses will collect the following back in rewards points:

  • Up to R2* per litre of fuel at Caltex.
  • Up to 5%* at Rewards Retailers.
  • Up to 1.25%* on all their Card purchases.
  • Up to 40%* on international flights booked on Etihad Airways plus an instant 15%* discount when booking through UCount Rewards Travel Mall.
  • Up to 40%* on all domestic flights booked through the UCount Rewards Travel Mall.
  • An instant 10%* discount on car hire from Europcar booked through the UCount Rewards Travel Mall.
  • Up to 400* Tier Rewards depending on their rewards tier.
  • Get 3 600* Dual Membership Rewards if they are a member of both the UCount Rewards and UCount Rewards for Business programmes.
  • Collect rewards points* on social media when they link their Twitter and/or Instagram accounts and get rewarded for positive interactions with #UCountBusiness.

Business Support Services

But Standard Bank understands that there is more to growing a business than just financial rewards, businesses also need additional support and advice to help them move forward. This is why UCount Reward for Business also gives members the opportunity to select one of four Business Support Services:

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Technical Support
  • Legal & Tax
  • HR Consult

This service is included in the membership fee and, because business needs are always changing, members will be able to change their selected Business Support Service every six months.

Redeeming rewards points

Redeeming rewards points is just as easy as collecting them – all a business needs is an activated Business Rewards card and PIN.

Rewards points can be redeemed for:

  • Fuel at Caltex
  • Access to Bidvest Premier Airport Lounges
  • Great deals online and in-store at Rewards Retailers
  • Local and international travel deals at the UCount Rewards Travel Mall
  • A huge range of items at the UCount Rewards Online Mall
  • Business can invest their rewards points into a Notice Deposit
  • Rewards points can also be used to purchase additional Business Support Services

Who can sign up for UCount Rewards for Business?

Sole Proprietors, Closed Corporations and Pty Limited companies (excluding Trust Entities) with either an active qualifying Standard Bank Business Current Account in good standing or an active BizLaunch Account in good standing are welcome to sign up for UCount Rewards for Business.

For more information on UCount Rewards for Business, visit

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