What We Learnt From This App About The Power Of Money

Updated on 3 August 2017

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What We Learnt From This App About The Power Of Money

The stories of Richard Maponya, Sowetan business icon and the founder of Maponya Mall, and Maboneng Precinct property visionary, Jonathan Liebmann, are just some that are being used to encourage South Africans to change their perspective on money.

The initiative, ‘See Money Differently’, is a partnership between the app Shazam, Native VML, a digital marketing and advertising agency and Nedbank. It brings to life each of the five cash notes to tell a uniquely South African success story.

According to a press release, they have embedded inspirational stories within the R72 billion worth of South African bank notes currently in circulation with the goal of teaching users how money, if well managed (like the ‘success stories’ featured), can make a real difference in their lives.

We tested out the app to find out how it works. To access each of the stories, you have to download the Shazam app and snap a picture of the note.

This is where it gets interesting, depending on the note used you will be led to a different story. The app features three other successful personalities and products such as Relate Bracelets (R50), a social initiative which is the brainchild of Lauren Gillis, Nedbank’s soccer initiative, KeYona Team Search (R10), as well as songbird and opera star Noluvuyiso Mpofu (R200).

Once you are on the site you are also able to access all the other stories – all of which are highly detailed and told in the form of a video, text or audio. Maponya’s for example is told in a video format which re-imagines his dusty beginnings in Sophiatown in the 1950’s.

3 of the stories focus specifically on entrepreneurs – here’s what you can expect to learn from each one. 

Richard Maponya  
Maponya’s story can be accessed through the R20 note and is meant to inspire and illustrate how it’s possible to succeed despite challenges – in Maponya’s case the restrictions of apartheid and a lack of funding.

His story also includes advice on how every South African can start their business, get funding and how to separate their personal and their business finances.

Lauren Gillis
The animated story focuses on how businesses can help to sustain communities through employment and contributing to society. The story can be accessed through the R50 note.

The focus of their message is about conscious consumerism and how it’s possible to make a profit and also do good.

Jonathan Liebmann
Liebmann’s audio story takes us through the journey of the founder of development company, Propertuity, and how he rejuvenated the once derelict precinct of Maboneng in Johannesburg’s CBD.

His story also educates about property finance, looking beyond the trends and finding new opportunities in property that benefits not only the owners, but entire communities around them. The R100 note unlocks his story.

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