7 Big Funding Lessons We Took From #FundEx2017

Updated on 18 August 2017

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7 Big Funding Lessons We Took From #FundEx2017

“Chase business, not funding.” This was Nirmala Reddy’s funding lesson for entrepreneurs attending the funding and investment conference and expo, FundEx, held yesterday at the Riversands Incubation Hub. Reddy is the senior manager of enterprise development at Nedbank.

The need for entrepreneurs to work on their businesses as much as they do accessing funding, was reiterated by the event’s other speakers, including Ran Neu-Ner, co-founder of marketing and advertising group, The Creative Counsel, Aisha Pandor, co-founder of the on-demand home cleaning platform, SweepSouthLiezl van Staden from Finfind, a financial solutions platform, Gideon Potgieter, business development executive at Resolution Circle, a tech enterprise development company, Mark Hawes a financial consultant at Alexander Forbes, and Nadia Rawjee, director of strategy and finance at Uzenzele Holdings, among others.

Now in its second year, the expo covered everything from the various funding instruments available to entrepreneurs and their implications, how to succeed as a property entrepreneur and government incentives, including the much-talked-about Black Industrialists Programme.

Here are 7 of the biggest takeaways from the expo. 

1. Investors ONLY Invest In A Great Product – Gideon Potgieter



2. But, A Product Is Not A Business – Gideon Potgieter



3. Know What Happens After You Get The Funding – Aisha Pandor 



4. All Funds Are Not Made Equal – Nadia Rawjee



5. Know What (And Who) Lenders Want – Liezl van Staden



6. Don’ Be Shy To Ask For The Entire Funding Amount You Actually Need – Liezl van Staden



7. Have An Emergency Fund And Diversify Your Investments – Mark Hawes



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