Become A Vox Business Partner

Posted on August 23rd, 2017

Become A Vox Business PartnerThe Information and Communication Technology or ICT space is regarded as one of the fastest growing industries in today’s market place. This rapid growth is directly correlated to an ever-increasing demand by both consumer and corporate customers for information based services.

The results of this exponential growth has brought about new opportunities for entrepreneurially minded organisations who are seeking to leverage these technologies and in doing so, bolster relationships with their clients, diversify their product offerings and ultimately de-risk their businesses.

The Vox Channel Partner Program has been designed with these key attributes in mind and we provide our partners with a platform and complimentary skill set, which ultimately allows them to obtain both their personal and business objectives.

Who should join?

  • ICT service providers seeking an opportunity to expand on their current share of ‘customer wallet’
  • Wholesale market players seeking aggressive market rates
  • Young, industry start-ups seeking a ‘big brother’ to leverage off in this highly dynamic environment

Benefits of the Vox Partner Program:

  • Vox is a Tier 1 Telecommunications Service Provider
  • We have an established, technologically advanced, national footprint with 13 points of presence around South Africa
  • As a partner you have access to one of the fastest growing Fibre networks in South Africa
  • Our internal structures provide for dedicated Channel and Service Delivery Management teams
  • Full access to a comprehensive product suite, inclusive of training and marketing assistance

Benefits to you as the Partner:

  • Diversification of your current portfolio which generates alternative revenue streams for your business
  • A dedicated Channel Partner support desk in the Vox Service Centre
  • We have four different Channel Partner models from which you can choose to suit your current requirements
  • We provide a Channel-Neutral approach which facilitates a fair and honest approach to business because we know that we cannot achieve our own goals and aspirations unless you also succeed

If you’re ready to partner with Vox and take your business from ordinary to extraordinary, visit and make it a reality.