Crime Response App Namola Reaches 100,000 Users

Updated on 16 November 2017

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Crime Response App Namola Reaches 100,000 Users

South African safety and security app Namola has reached a total number of 100,000 users nationally.

Namola is a free crime response app, allowing its users to share their GPS co-ordinates, name and nature of the emergency with a 24/7 response call centre.

The app was launched nationally last week and Warwick Scott-Rodger, executive head of Dialdirect which is one of the support partners, said that the app addresses a critical issue that affects all South Africans, the response time of emergency services.

Namola said the app has been downloaded by 15,918 South Africans, bringing the total number of users to 100,000.

A statement from Namola said Police Minister Fikile Mbalula had welcomed the app, saying: “We continue to emphasise that crime fighting requires civil society to work together with police. Modern technology empowers our people to protect themselves and access information and help. I congratulate the team for their launch, and I am motivated by their continued activism in the fight against crime.”

Namola also recently introduced “Namola Watch”, which will alert verified participating Community Policing Forums, neighbourhood watches and farm watches of incidents in their area, so that they can further assist users requesting emergency assistance through the app.

Namola CEO Peter Matthaei said: “We would like to thank every person and institution who has downloaded the app. Together we have taken a proactive approach to fighting crime. Your interest in protecting your families and communities is what motivates us to keep on going.” (via African News Agency)

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