Let John Sanei Turn Your Monday Around In 2 Minutes

Posted on November 27th, 2017
Business Skills & Planning

How is your Monday going?

With the festive season inching closer, it’s no surprise that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to wake up and face the week’s challenges, let alone continue to chase after your goals.

He gives his advice in a quick two minute video ‘Why your Mondays (might) suck! – And some pointers to help get them to ROCK!’ which forms part of his YouTube series ‘What’s Your Moonshot”.

Your Monday Doesn’t Suck, Your Life Does
Your Monday is determined by how you have chosen to live your life, says Sanei.

“Our behaviours in life are these moment by moment decisions Which is why this wake up call from John Sanei, a business innovation strategist, trend specialist and futurist, couldn’t be more timely.[we make] that bring us into a space where we either look forward to Mondays, or we hate them.”

Don’t let a day go to waste, let Sanei help you change both your mindset and all your Mondays to come.