5 HR Solutions You Can Implement in a Week

Updated on 18 June 2019

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5 Highly Effective HR Solutions You Can Implement in Week

A team of committed employees is critical in helping a business meet its organisational goals. Therefore a human resources (HR) strategy is a must-have for all SMEs.

The following HR solutions can help you:
– Retain good staff
– Attract talented employees
– Improve employee wellness

1. Sort out your employment contracts

Ensure you have a proper and relevant employment contract on record for each employee in your service.

2. Back up your data and files to the cloud

If you don’t already have one, you must get a proper cloud-based storage solution for all your HR documentation, employee misconduct records, personnel files, and other administrative records.

3. Add a careers@yourbusiness email address to your website footer

A simple step such as a dedicated careers@yourbusiness.co.za email address and a call for interested candidates added to your website’s footer, ensures that you stay open to new talent and potential new team members with skills you may not even have realised you need.

4. Update and distribute your disciplinary code

The workplace disciplinary code serves to protect both employers and employees – be sure that yours is in place, up to date, and that all your employees are informed of its contents.

5. Reconsider your value proposition

Every once and again you need to reevaluate what’s important to employees and how your business can best offer them a healthy and happy environment, and what makes your business the best place to work.

Don’t be afraid of adopting relatively new employment trends that are taking off globally and consider how you can contribute to changing your employees’ lives and attract top class potential in the future.

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