5 Trends all Tourism Businesses Should be on Top of

Updated on 5 September 2018

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Technology has changed how people travel and tourism businesses that do not keep up with customers’ changing needs, risk losing them. In addition to offering impeccable delivery of services and products, your customers now also expect you to meet their technological demands.

Charnel Kara, Tourism Specialist at FNB Business gives her must-haves for any tourism establishment.

Be accessible via online booking portals

Every major airline, hotel group and transport company now has a mobile application that allows users to book aspects of their trip via their mobile phone, from just about anywhere in the world, with the added convenience of 24/7 accessibility.

Offer free WIFI

It’s becoming a non-negotiable for consumers.

Elena Mogos, Associate Analyst for Digital Travel & Tourism at GlobalData says, “When travelling, people want to always be connected, either to get destination ideas, options regarding places to visit or eat, find directions to points of interest, or share their experience with friends via social media or other connectivity platforms,” says

Most accommodation establishments have responded by providing a capped amount of data daily. One of the latest trends in this space has been the introduction of inflight WiFi. Many airlines have started introducing this, but it may come with additional cost.

Hospitality loyalty cards

The introduction of loyalty/reward programs has become an invaluable tool that assists a business to create specials, receive feedback on their facilities, products and give targeted specials to regular clients.

Be on social media

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become household names over the years. These platforms paired with a website or a blog enable a business to participate online. It allows travellers to get information and reviews of destinations before they spend their money – very little exists without social media influence today.

Add your location to interactive maps

Today, the navigation technology embedded in smartphone apps, allows for easier access to any place in the world. With the introduction of Google maps, going wrong with directions has become nearly impossible for travellers – the impact on the industry is that there are now more spaces which are easier to find competing for the same spend.

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