Yes, People Are Judging Your Tired Logo

Updated on 7 August 2017

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Yes, People Are Judging Your Tired Logo

You may think that no one judges you on your outdated logo or brand identity, but you would be wrong, says Gerrit Breitenbach, head of design at Worx Group, a marketing and business solutions company.

“All too often I meet business owners who think that because they hired a logo designer when they started their company over a decade ago, they no longer need to think about branding their businesses. They see their logo and corporate identity as one of those business decisions they’ll never need to make again,” says Breitenbach.

This is a mistake, says Breitenbach, who adds that even established companies understand the importance of maintaining a fresh image.

“If for no other reason than to show that they’re improving rather than stagnating.”

So how do you know when it’s time for change? Breitenback shares the 7 times your company has the most to benefit from a new look. 

1. You want to signal change
You have a new CEO or other key leader. The company’s capabilities have expanded. Or, you’ve made a strategic change in how you do business.

2. Your identity no longer reflects who you are or what you do
Over the years, small changes have taken place or maybe there are dramatic changes in your business, perhaps even as a result of an acquisition or company restructuring. Perhaps your corporate identity fails to reflect your maturity as a company. Whatever the reason, if you feel that your current identity is not reflective of your business, it’s time for a change.

3. You want to revitalize your brand’s image
Your identity may have been designed when the business was at a much smaller scale, or before you entered certain markets or began offering certain products or services. A review and plan for the future will be important to evolve your brand.

4. You find yourself apologising for your logo
If you ever get feedback that people don’t understand your logo, don’t ignore it. If you don’t have quality logo files that maintain the graphic integrity and your logo is inconsistently displayed in various media, you are jeopardising the credibility of your brand.

Your competitors are leap-frogging your brand and making you appear out of date, or worse…forgotten.
If the competition is speaking loudly, you might be disappearing in the wing. Look at your competitive landscape, define your unique selling points, and redesign your brand if it is no longer relevant.

5. You are expanding geographically
You may need to adapt your messaging to address a broader customer base. Being culturally astute is important.

6. Your identity is too complex or appears weak on digital platforms
You may need to use simplified imagery, web- friendly colours, disruptive shapes, or even sound and animation to add personality to your brand.

7. You or your customers just don’t like it! 
Sometimes there is a time to trust the judgment of your customers as well as yourself. So take a look at your logo and ask yourself if it is attractive enough to capture the attention of your potential customers. Don’t be afraid to ask customers their opinion. You do not always have to do what they suggest but it gives you good insight into how your customers are thinking and what appeals to them more.

Recalibrating and setting a new direction for your brand identity can be just the inspiration needed to advance your company or brand to the next level — regardless of economic conditions.

If you need a brand refresh, hire a professional to ensure that the design meets your needs. Your brand is too important to ignore the impact of your logo.

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