8 tactics to get your Facebook posts seen

8 tactics to get your Facebook posts seen

8 tactics to get your Facebook posts seenFacebook recently changed its algorithms for what shows up on your news feed, thereby reducing the organic reach of content posted.
It’s important for small businesses and brands to be aware of this change, as it’s being seen as an attempt by Facebook to get brands to pay to reach more of their fans through Facebook ads. The social network has faced a backlash – read this particularly funny post by Eat24, an American food blog which has shutdown their Facebook page despite having over 70 000 Facebook likes.
Time.com’s answer for the new algorithm is to work with Facebook instead of trying to beat them at their pay-to-play game. Here are their 8 tips for getting more eyes on your Facebook page.
1. Target your posts
Anecdotal evidence from TIME’s Facebook account indicates that targeted posts reach a large percentage of the fans they’re aimed toward in some cases. Even without a boost in reach, a smartly targeted post is more likely to engage those users that do see it. Brands can enable post targeting by selecting “Edit Settings” from the “Edit Page” drop down menu in a Page’s admin panel.
2. Use Photos, but make them original
“Photos, when used correctly, can be a win for both audience engagement and reach, and they align with the increasingly visual nature of the social network and its spinoff apps. But be wary of “meme photos,” stock images with humorous or dramatic text layered over them. Facebook has reduced their reach in a quest to promote what it deems “high quality” content,” writes Time.
3. Post at odd hours
“With 757 million people now visiting Facebook every day, maybe you don’t want to post something at the same time as everyone else.
“Remember that it’s easy to schedule a Facebook post in advance,” advices Time.
4. Start a Conversation
“If you can get a conversation started with a post by asking a question, it’s more likely that your Page will be pulled into other users’ feeds. Make sure the questions are pertinent to your organisation,” writes Time.
5. Be Engaging
“If your posts keep people engaged, as measured by likes, comments, shares and time on screen, the social network will reward you with further reach.”
6. Cross-promote with other pages
“Get mentioned in a post by another brand, and your Page could show up in the News Feeds of users who don’t already like your organization,” the website says.
7. Hop on a Trending Topic
“Facebook took a cue from Twitter earlier this year and introduced trending topics that attempt to summarize the biggest news of the day. When users click on a trending topic, they see a mix of content from other users and Pages about the story. Posts from friends or Pages a user is connected to get higher placement in the trending feed, so if the topics are relevant to your brand, consider joining the conversation or providing a useful link.”
8. Buy an Ad
“Facebook, of course, says this is the most straightforward solution. The company has simplified its ad unit offerings in the last year in effort to attract more customers.”
8 Ways to Get Your Posts Seen More on Facebook [Time]

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