Want to be an entrepreneur? Join a startup

Posted on February 19th, 2015
Business Skills & Planning

Want to be an entrepreneur? Join a startupNot everyone can be an entrepreneur. It’s been said often enough, the best entrepreneurs are those who are passionate about solving problems.
There is difference between individuals who build a business because they want to be an entrepreneur, and those who build a company because they want to offer a solution to a problem, says Michael Wolfe, a startup founder, investor, advisor in a Fortune article.
But what about those who don’t have a revolutionary idea that keeps them up at night? Does that mean they must remain in corporate hell forever?
According to Wolfe, the answer is no. For those who are drawn to entrepreneurship, but don’t have that disruptive idea, there are other roles to fulfill within a startup, with the added benefit that you will be learning important entrepreneurship skills along the way.

“Startup life can provide a career full of accelerated learning, great camaraderie and teamwork, and it will at least leave you with some great stories,” he says.
Here are Wolf’s suggestions for entering the startup world even if you are not an entrepreneur.
1. Form part of the core team – Get awesome at something, says Wolfe, particularly jobs that most startups need like, an engineer, designer, product manager, marketer, sales rep, growth hacker.

2. Be a specialist –  Many of the best companies are started by a founder with deep inside knowledge about their specific field, Wolfe says. Follow their example – whether your chosen industry is technology, supply chain management or information security.
3. Go along for the ride –  If you don’t have the above skills or know which industry you want to explore, join early and contribute however you can, is Wolfe’s advice. “It may lead to your founding your own company in the future as you get exposed to more people and ideas,” he adds.