How Hedzup Messenger hopes to level the mobile marketing playing field

Updated on 7 October 2014

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How Hedzup Messenger hopes to level the mobile marketing playing field


Email marketing has for long been a favourite among small businesses, not surprising when you consider that it has for a long time been thought a cheap option for communicating with potential clients.

What many SMEs often do not think of is bulk SMSes. According to the numbers revealed by Our Mobile Planet Smartphone Research, there are 20 million mobile users in South Africa and 85.5 million texts were sent in 2013.

Hedzup on the come up

Hedzup is a free messenger app that is hoping to be the answer to small business’ mobile marketing challenges. The app allows small businesses to join the SMS marketing trend.

“Businesses usually pay for SMS marketing, but with Hedzup being a free service, this levels the playing field for small businesses as they can now join in,” says Hedzup.

Driving communication

How it works is consumers are able to download the app on their phones or desktop computers, after which they are able to start following the groups (brands, businesses) that are relevant to them. Businesses are then able to send out alerts to customers of new products and specials. By opting in, consumers choose which communication they would like to receive, which eliminates spam and unwanted messages. 

From the consumers’ perspective, using the app is the same concept as receiving email newsletters, but this way, it’s sent directly to your phone for convenience.

Businesses can also follow and join their suppliers’ or resellers’ groups, and opt-in to receive alerts from suppliers and dealers, for example, alerting them of discounted bulk products or when you’re low on supplies. Unlike group chat, all communication is one-way and followers cannot reply.

Low-cost advertising

Small businesses also receive access to the platform’s in-app advertising which enables business to advertise their business, events, products, services and websites on the app. Rates begin at R290 per month and you are able to choose the target market that you would like to advertise to.

Hedzup is available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, smartphones and desktop, and requires data or Internet to send and receive messages.

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