How much do you really understand about your business’ marketing efforts?

Updated on 12 September 2014

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 Let us start by saying that marketing is a science that if applied properly can be accurately measured in its performance and, also forms one of the key pillars in any business.

The question for any business owner is then, how important is it to understand the practice of marketing  in order to measure  the success of any marketing activity in the business?

Forget the crazy lines, the humour, the fear and all your references of advertising, events, etc – they are a result of well thought out process designed to tickle your inner child and resonate with your subconscious desires.

Speaking of subconscious desires, I recently learned that a man’s kiss connects with a woman on such a deep level that she feels the strength of a man’s genes through the kiss – no wonder woman love kissing. It is a deep subconscious need that every female has to find the best possible genes to partner and procreate with, whether they know it or not.

“You as the entrepreneur might be the biggest hurdle in the
creation of great work”

Every business owner should know the following objectives that successful marketing activity seeks to achieve, in order to drive brand equity:

  • They build primary demand, they create a need for the product category.
  • They create brand awareness after solving the need by identifying a specific brand they solve a need in a unique manner.
  • They provide relevant information or knowledge about the product/service in an effective manner.
  • They influence the attitudes and feelings of the customer by making them identify with the brand i.e. successful people drive a Ferrari.
  • They create interest and intrigue about their products or service like Nando’s would with a simple product such as chicken. This is a unique proposition for such a commodity
  • They facilitate the trial or purchase of the product/service. How do we buy or try the product? Make certain there is minimal demand on a client such time, money etc.
  • They create loyal customers by rewarding the ones that purchase and drive testimonials of the ones that are happy and custodians of the brand on major platforms i.e. Adidas the official FIFA World Cup sponsor or Tashas with their PR of opening abroad soon to please more clients.

In conclusion, it is critical to understand any marketing and communications process that you are judging for your business. You as the entrepreneur might be the biggest hurdle in the creation of great work.So empower yourself, read some books, talk a professional or even volunteer on a project with a professional marketing and communications agency in order to understand the impact of your professional opinion when you talk about your product and services.

Let’s do great things!

About the authorKarabo Songo is the Group founder and MD of Olive Communications, a full-service strategic communications agency. He is passionate about building innovative marketing businesses and brands within Africa with a difference and grow entities into profitable assets for shareholders.  Follow him at  on Twitter @ mr_k_s.

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