How to get the most from your first week back

Updated on 12 January 2015

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How to get the most from your first week back

The first day back at work after a long holiday can seem like the most stressful day of your year. With your inbox flooded with emails and a never-ending to-do list, it’s easy to wish you never went on holiday in the first place.
Howcast – a website that offers useful how-to videos for office survival – shares four steps for easing back into work after break and how to be productive in the days following a lengthy sabbatical.

Tip: Ask for an update on special projects the day before you return so can hit the ground running.

Step 1: Readjust your sleep cycle
Howcast suggests going to bed and waking up early a day or two before returning to work, and a few days after, to readjust your sleep cycle.
Step 2: Go through your e-mails
Spend an hour going through your e-mail and thinning out your inbox the day before you come back to work.
Step 3: Show up early
Show up early the first day back to prioritise your to-do list without the distraction of curious co-workers asking about your trip.
Step 4: Bring your vacation back with you
According to Howcast, if you keep a few pictures with you at work as a reminder of how great your vacation was, the transition won’t be as gloomy as you expect.

Tip: Take your boss out to lunch during your first week back to catch up and discuss work matters one-on-one.

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