Over R1m in funding for eco-friendly startups

Updated on 20 January 2015

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The City of Johannesburg is looking to give over R1 million in funding to entrepreneurs in the green economy. Startups, SMEs and partnerships are invited to enter the Green City Startup and present an idea in energy, waste, water, transport or building.

20 applicants will be shortlisted to work and receive mentorship and guidance from Resolution Circle, the University of Johannesburg’s technology incubator and small business hub.

From the 20, eight finalists will be chosen by a panel of serial entrepreneurs and researchers. The eight will receive R250 000 to demonstrate the viability of his or her idea.

Two ultimate winners will be chosen and will receive up to R1 million each to turn their idea into reality.

Eligible ideas

 – Revolutionary ideas: An idea that may lead to a breakthrough new product or process, that is far-reaching and technically challenging. The idea may carry a high degree of risk in its technical challenges or market potential, and require several years to reach scale.

– Immediate ideas: An idea that is ready to enter the market within the next 6 – 12 months, with a prototype already developed and a market clearly identified. The idea’s core technical challenges should already be solved, and initial customers identified.

If you have one of these ideas, click here to enter.

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