New business app to help entrepreneurs

New business app to help entrepreneurs

New business app to help entrepreneursAs a small business owner or entrepreneur, being in the know is important. From finding the right mentor to getting the best finance for your business, securing space to trade, marketing your business and doing it all within the constraints of your budget is all part of being the boss.
To help with all this, GfK, a global market research company, has developed a smartphone app that promises to deliver business and entrepreneurial content and tools to the thousands of small business owners across South Africa. Aptly named Fundi, this app will deliver business and entrepreneurial content to thousands of small business owners across South Africa for free.
Build your brand
Fundi offers users Mobisite Builder, which they can use to build an online profile for their business and receive a dedicated URL accessible on desktop or mobile devices. Users can provide a short overview of their business, list their services, as well as provide their contact details and social network links.
Fundi will also aim to keep its users as up-to-date as possible. This is done through a feature called the Insights Hub which is an online aggregator that collects valuable, relevant business articles across the web. There’s also the Forum which allows business owners to interact with each other and discuss the challenges they face in business.
More content and tools
In exchange for these features and content, GfK, which is all about global research, will anonymously monitor the smartphone usage to understand how consumers are using their mobile devices and what sort of content they engage with most often. All private user information is inaccessible to GfK.
GfK uses the information to understand which types of mobile websites and applications are most popular in South Africa, helping media planners identify the most valuable mobile platforms to advertise on, as well as to author reports on mobile usage trends in South Africa.
Fundi is currently available for download from the Google Play Store, and from, with roll out to IOS phones due to follow soon.

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