Startup Artists.Clothing bridges gap in the retail sector

Updated on 3 December 2014

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Startup Artists.Clothing bridges gap in the retail sectorFinding fresh and creative designs for clothing is not always easy for smaller clothing retailers and brands who often don’t have a full-time design team in-house.

To remedy this gap in the market, Paul Muller and Warren Brink (pictured below), both aged 35, created Artists.Clothing, a DIY platform that connects these retailers and brands with freelance creatives who can meet their creative demands.

Designers have two ways of selling their designs on Artists.Clothing. The first, the designer retains the rights to the artwork and is paid royalties every time it is bought.

Designers can also sell all rights to the artwork. This involves the designer handing over all design files, thereby allowing the buyers to edit the design if they so wish. After a design is bought outright the design will go off the market and the buyer will own all rights to that design. Designers set the pricing for their designs.

Muller and Brink explain the background of their concept

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