The on-the-go wireless data storage solution aimed at the busy ‘trep

Updated on 9 September 2014

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The on-the-go wireless data storage solution aimed at the busy 'trepThe life of an entrepreneur often means that your office has to be where you are. One of the biggest challenges that this poses is the large number of devices that busy entrepreneurs have to carry to ensure that they are connected and have easy access to all your files, including hard drives for data storage.

Hard drive manufacturers, Western Digital (WD) have just launched My Passport Wireless, a new portable external hard drive which they hope will make traditional hard drives obsolete. The device enables users to back up all their storage wirelessly.

The biggest selling point of this device is that unlike traditional hard drives, which often only one person to work off a single device, the My Passport Wireless drive can sit directly on a WiFi network or act as a pass-through device, capable of linking up to eight devices regardless of type and operating system.

Available in capacities of 500GB, 1TB and 2TB, the device has a one touch syncing feature with Dropbox, Onedrive and Google Drive allowing business owners to keep local copies of files without clogging up their computer hard drives.

The device boasts a battery life of eight hours and standby life of 20 hours on a single charge.

Other features that could come in handy include HD video streaming to multiple screens and the capability to connect with wireless cameras via FTP for simultaneous backup during photo sessions.

An external SD card slot is also included for devices that do not have a direct connection, or if you need a little extra boost in storage space. The retail price is R1 899,00 for 500GB, R2 499,00 for 1 TB and R3 399,00 for 2 TB. The device is available at Incredible Connection.

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