Nigerians in diaspora sent home $21 billion

Posted on February 22nd, 2016
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Nigerians in diaspora sent home $21 billion
Nigerians in diaspora sent home about $21 billion in 2015, making the country the sixth largest receiver of remittances in the world. This is according to the Migration of Remittance Factbook 2016.

The country is also by far the largest receiver of remittances in sub-Saharan Africa, receiving a total of $34.8 billion this year. The report focused on the period from January to December 1, 2015. (Premium Times)

Millenial entrepreneurs starting more companies and at a younger age 
According to the 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report, millenial entrepreneurs or “millennipreneurs,” who are between 20 to 35 years old, are “starting more companies, managing bigger staffs, and targeting higher profits than their baby boomer predecessors.”

The report by the Scorpio Partnership consultancy surveyed 2,600 high and “ultra-high” net worth entrepreneurs from 18 countries. Together they’re worth just over $17 billion.

According to the findings, millennials are discovering entrepreneurship much earlier than boomers did. While the older generation launched their first businesses at roughly 35-years-old, so-called “millennipreneurs” are starting their businesses at around 27. (Fortune)

Software development help for Johannesburg-based tech entrepreneurs
South African tech entrepreneurs that are struggling with getting their software systems (mobile, web or IoT) to a global standard, have the opportunity to sit down with a senior engineer or UX designer at Jozihub’s App.Clinic sessions.

App.Clinic @ Jozihub is a junior software developer’s chance to get an hour long, face-to-face session with experienced software professionals from a variety of top organisations who contribute their time to provide unique and highly valuable code and design diagnoses to help startups take their code to the next level.

The events are designed as a personal, practical and hands-on way to fast tracking the design quality of apps or services being developed by Johannesburg’s young technology startups. The events facilitate troubleshooting and provides young entrepreneurs with practical advice for navigating through some of their software design and development issues.

The sessions are facilitated by 10 of South Africa’s finest senior developers and UX designers from multinational and national software houses. These ten senior developers are paired with 20 young startups for an intensive, hands-on personalised one hour session. In each session mentors will take a close look at your design and development decisions, providing real-time insights, solutions and suggestions.

Startups can apply via – all applicants must be a member of the Jozihub community which is free to join via