So You Have an App Idea? Answer These 8 Questions To See If It Could Work

Updated on 18 February 2015

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So you have an app idea? Answer these 8 questions to see if it could work

We all at some point have come up with what we thought was a revolutionary idea for an app that would change the world, but it never left the idea phase.

The biggest obstacles holding people back is feeling that they aren’t tech-savvy and don’t know the process of developing and marketing an app.

Other concerns are worrying if their idea is unique, profitable or sustainable. Because of these and other challenges, most ideas never leave the idea phase.

We speak to Dion Samuel, operations manager at Kagiso Interactive – a Durban based, web and mobile apps development agency.

Samuel says an app is simply a convenient way for the user to engage and get what they need, and may be applicable to any sector or industry.

Samuel shares the eight crucial questions you need to answer before you take your app from the idea phase and launch it to the public.

1. Does your app create user dependency? Samuel says if the developer wants to generate revenue, they should focus on developing an app that supports revenue generation and creates user dependency. In simple terms, your app should be something that users want to use on a daily basis. “This is why social media apps are so popular, they create dependency,” he says.

2. Does your app save users’ time? Any app that helps the user manage or simplify a daily, weekly activity is a profitable idea. “Time is a finite resource, so any app that helps save time or allow the user to multitask is always popular,” he says.

“The average development time will range from 60 to 90 days”

3. Does your app have a strong revenue model? What will be my return on investment and by when? This, according to Samuel is a vital question and anyone with an app needs to keep this at the forefront of their minds. “The capital investment to create an app is similar to setting up a traditional business,” he says.

4. Do you have the experience necessary to maintain your app? Samuel says basic computer user skills are adequate as most apps are managed by a CMS (content management system), which is accessed via a web-based admin backend login control panel.

5. Do you have a prototype of your app? “This is the first step in the process of creating an app,” Samuel says. He says your app development partner will have to design and create a clickable prototype, which you can use for trials or present to investors.

6. Do you have the budget available to build you app? Costing is based on the coding hours required by each OS (operating system) developing team. This is very much dependent on the type of feature required by the system, says Samuel.

7. Do you know the time-frame required for development? Depending on the features and functions of the app, Samuel says Kagiso Interactive’s average development time ranges from 60 to 90 days, which also includes a first free consultation; the time-frame may vary with other developers.

8. Do you know where and how to market your app? There are digital marketing agencies out there, but there are also online systems that should be used and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Samuel suggests lobbying bloggers and the media to review your app as a cheaper alternative.

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