Budget-Friendly Business Ideas for Students

Updated on 19 July 2023

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Budget-Friendly Business Ideas for Students

Are you a student looking to earn some extra cash? Before you get a job in a restaurant, it could be a good idea to start your own business.

There are plenty of business ideas and opportunities out there that don’t require much, or any, financial investment. You can also start and run these businesses part-time to match your student schedule. If you’re interested in becoming your own boss, here are some of the best business ideas for students to consider.

Tutoring Services

One of the easiest, and most popular, business ideas for students is offering tutoring lessons. If you excel in a particular subject, you could offer tutoring services to fellow students or even younger students in your community. This works well because students are already in a learning environment, so sharing their knowledge with others is relatively easy.

Freelance Writing or Content Creation

If you’re a good writer, you can provide content creation services for blogs, websites, or social media platforms. Writing is often a major part of being a student, so offering writing services can be an ideal side hustle. As long as you’ve got a laptop and a stable internet connection, you can offer writing services from anywhere in the world. This makes it a flexible business opportunity for students.

Graphic Design Services

Just like offering writing services, this is another ideal student business idea for those looking to work in a digital environment. If you have design skills, offer graphic design services for creating logos, social media graphics, and more. All businesses need graphics of some kind, so there’s always demand for graphic designers.


If you’re a skilled photographer, you can offer your services for events, portraits, or stock photography. Offering videography services can also be a profitable business to start. You’ll need to invest in a good camera and editing software. However, once you have this equipment, getting your photography business off the ground is straightforward.

Social Media Management

Help small businesses or individuals manage their social media accounts and create engaging content. You can do this as a freelancer, or you could start a small social media management agency. Brands love having young people who understand all the latest trends manage their social media accounts. This makes it an ideal business opportunity for students, who can offer social media services part-time.

Handmade Crafts or Art

If you’re creative, consider making and selling crafts, artwork, or handmade jewellery online or at local craft fairs. You could sell anything that you’re interested in making – like candles or even homemade beauty and wellness products. This is a fun way to turn a hobby into a business. Setting up an online store is easy. This could allow you to sell your products as a side hustle, no matter where you are based.

Language Lessons

If you’re fluent in multiple languages, consider offering language lessons to students looking to learn a new language. You could do this in person, or online via video calls. Teaching language is this an excellent business idea for students!

Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance is a great student business idea for anyone looking to work remotely. You could offer a range of different administrative support services to businesses. All you need is a solid internet connection and strong admin skills.

Gardening or Landscaping Services

Where there are gardens, there are people looking for gardeners. If you have the tools and skills, you could offer gardening and landscaping services. You can offer these services on a part-time basis, making it easy to fit this business model into your student schedule.

Moving and Removals

Students with big cars could offer moving or removal services. This is straightforward and can be an easy business to set up. You’ll need to be physically fit and own the right vehicle. If you tick these boxes, then you could help people move, or offer removals on basically any kind of item you can fit in your vehicle.

Fitness or Yoga Instruction

If you’re knowledgeable about fitness or yoga, consider offering personal training or group classes. You can do this in your own time and don’t even need a gym or specialised equipment. Instead, you can offer these classes in parks, on the beach, in community fields, or even offer private classes in people’s homes.

Consider your strengths, be willing to put in some hard work, and there are plenty of business ideas you could pursue. The ones listed above are all relatively simple to start, without needing much, or any, cash.  And who knows – starting the right business as a student could even lead to a thriving career after you graduate!


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