Get Your Business Off The Ground – Enter the 2019 SME Toolkit Business Plan Competition!

Updated on 10 June 2019

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Get Your Business Off The Ground – Enter the 2018 SME Toolkit Business Plan Competition!

Calling all aspiring, young entrepreneurs! Do you want to open your own business, but don’t know where to start? Are you struggling to get your business off the ground? Do you need guidance with developing your business plan? If so, the 2019 Business Partners Limited / SME Toolkit SA Business Plan Competition for Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs is aimed directly at you.

The 2019 Business Partners Limited / SME Toolkit SA Business Plan Competition for Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs has successfully acted as an invaluable opportunity and springboard for entrepreneurs for the past eight years, and this year is no different. It is an opportunity for you, a young, aspiring 18 – 35-year-old, to realize your entrepreneurial dreams by taking part in the competition and standing a chance to win cash prizes and mentorship vouchers from leading business experts. The Competition is divided into three phases:

  1. Phase 1: Enter to attend a business development workshop in an area near you. The workshops cover the essential elements of starting a business: creating a business plan, financial management, marketing, networking, customer retention, legal requirements, etc.
  2. Phase 2: Submit a business plan by 25 September 2019 to qualify for the regional judging. Eight regional winners will be selected and awarded R6 000 in mentorship vouchers which will help you develop your business plan and get your business off the ground.
  3. Phase 3: Regional winners will compete as finalists in the national competition to be held in Johannesburg during Global Entrepreneurship Week in November. The national winner is awarded R25 000 in cash, a mentorship voucher worth R12 000, and an iPad or similar tablet.

For more information and to enter the SME Toolkit BUSINESS/PARTNERS Business Plan Competition for Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs, please visit The competition launched on Saturday 16 June 2019 and the closing date for Phase 1 of the competition is 23:00 on Tuesday, 31 July 2019.

About SME Toolkit SA:

SME Toolkit South Africa provides how-to articles, business forms, financial tools, online training, and additional information resources developed by leading experts. It covers all aspects of business set-up and management, from business planning to accounting, financial management, human resources, import/export, legal and insurance matters, marketing, sales, operations, and information technology.

The site also offers a range of self-assessment exercises and tools aimed at enabling entrepreneurs to take control of problem-solving in their companies and proactively implement strategies to avoid potential problems.

The SME Toolkit SA is one way for Business Partners Limited to bring the information needed to run a successful business to the entrepreneur.

About Business Partners Limited (BUSINESS/PARTNERS):

Business Partners Limited (BUSINESS/PARTNERS) is a specialist risk finance company for formal small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa and selected African countries. The company actively supports entrepreneurial growth by providing financing, specialist sectoral knowledge, and added-value services for viable small and medium businesses. Visit for more information.

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