Doing Business with Govvy and Corporate Ain’t for Sissies

Updated on 5 November 2018

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Doing business with the government and corporates ain’t for sissies. Have a strategy before going in – first for getting work, then for delivery/execution of work, then for reporting (Monitoring & Evaluating) and lastly for cash flow whilst the paint dries. They [government and corporates] were never built to deal with small and micro businesses and won’t not be changing anytime soon.

  1. You WILL run out of money.
  2. You WILL have to pay suppliers upfront.
  3. Employees WANT their salaries standard.
  4. Your family MUST be taken care of or else it will fall apart.
  5. Be in a position to wait 6 months without payment with everyone else paid up.

The above 5 are just a guideline. Sometimes it’s worse, at other times it’s good.

The No.1 skill you need to have is relationship-building. Know who signs the cheques. Know who releases it and befriend the gate-keepers. Also, diversify your client pool and save money, lots of it.

It might save you from anxiety and stress… and weight-loss… your hairline too!

Wait: Did I mention the craze voices in your head whilst all of this is going on? Rest assured, uzohlanya kancane. Guaranteed!

Class dismissed!

About the author: Selebogo Molefe, also known as DrLifesgud, is an entrepreneur and the c0-founder of one of Africa’s biggest startup networks, The Hookup Dinner (THUD). It is a platform for early-stage entrepreneurs and people with ideas and offers a space where young entrepreneurs can connect, engage and contribute to each other’s success. He is also co-founder the crowdfunding platform, The People’s Fund.

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