DTI Funding for Small Business

Posted on April 5th, 2022
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DTI Funding for small business

DTI funding is an excellent opportunity for small businesses to gain financing and access new growth opportunities in South Africa. All kinds of small businesses can apply for DTI grants, no matter what industry. 

There are various DTI funding schemes available to match the requirements of different applicants. As long as your small business can show its growth potential and meet the qualifying standards, you can apply for one of these financing solutions. 

So, how exactly does a DTI grant work? We’ll cover everything you need to know in the guide below. 

What is a DTI Grant?  

DTI stands for the Department of Trade and Industry. This department provides a type of government funding to small businesses, regardless of their sector. A DTI funding grant refers to this business financing. 

The Department of Trade and Industry and its various subsidiaries are focused on promoting economic development, black economic empowerment, international trade, consumer protection, and implementing commercial law.  

DTI grants are provided to qualifying small businesses in order to increase the enterprise economy, increase competition, and broaden the economic opportunities available. This financial support is offered to businesses in all kinds of economic activities to help various market segments grow.  

How Does DTI Support Small Business? 

DTI funding can take various forms, depending on the type of small business, its sector, and what the funding requirements of the business are. 

Here is a breakdown of some of the different DTI incentives available: 

  • Capital Projects Feasibility Program (CPFP): A funding project aimed at increasing opportunities outside of South Africa that will increase local exports and ramp up South Africa’s capital goods and services market 
  • Production Incentive (PI): Successful PI applicants can access DTI funding for an upgrade grant facility or an interest subsidiary facility 
  • Automotive Investment Scheme (AIS): A funding opportunity designed to grow the automotive sector 
  • Clothing and Textile Improvement Competitiveness Program (CTICP): A DTI funding option designed to increase the value of clothing and textile manufacturers in South Africa and grow this market 
  • Support Program for Industrial Innovation (SPII): DTI funding is provided to technology innovators to promote and increase technology development within South Africa. This type of DTI funding focuses specifically on the development phase of innovative tech solutions 
  • People-Carrier Automotive Incentive Scheme (P-AIS): A variation of the AIS funding scheme, except that the P-AIS is specifically focused on developing the growth of the people-carrier vehicles sector in South Africa 
  • Aquaculture Development Enhancement Program (ADEP): Registered South African entities that are engaged in primary, secondary, and ancillary aquaculture activities can apply for this DTI funding grant. The grant allows marine and freshwater aquaculture businesses to expand their facilities and develop new projects. 
  • Critical Infrastructure Program (CIP): A scheme that aims to improve investment around critical infrastructure projects 
  • Section 121 Tax Allowance Incentive (12I): This incentive provides both capital investment and training opportunities to support Green field and Brown field investments. 

These different DTI schemes provide unique opportunities for any kind of small business. 

What are the Responsibilities of DTI?  

The Department of Trade, Industry, and Competition is mainly focused on driving structural transformation to create a more dynamic economy. DTI also aims to create an economy that is industrially focused and globally competitive.  

DTI funding is provided to small businesses in order to develop trade and certain industries, create a more equitable and socially responsible business environment, broaden participation in the economy, and generally strengthen and improve economic development.  

In short, the department uses DTI funding to improve economic development and opportunities in South Africa.  

How to Apply for a DTI Grant 

To apply for DTI funding, your business will need to fill out the DTI funding application forms on the DTI website.  

The good news is that DTI funding grants are available to all kinds of small businesses regardless of their sector. This means anyone who meets the necessary requirements for a DTI incentive can apply for a grant. 

You will just need to make sure your business matches the requirements of the various DTI funds and programs available. 

DTI funding is a great way for small businesses to gain financing and improve their positions in competitive markets. There are many different types of DTI grants and funding models available to match the specific requirements of all applicants. 

The aim of DTI funding is to provide small businesses with better opportunities and to level out the competitive landscape across markets in South Africa. This can help all kinds of small businesses to expand, broaden their economic opportunities, and even reach international markets.