Celebrity Entrepreneurs like Tbo Touch and Minnie Dlamini Share Lessons for Building a Successful Business

Updated on 6 December 2018

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(Top row) Kate Goliath, Hulisani Ravele and DJ Sbu (bottom row) Jason Goliath, Minnie Dlamini and TBO Touch.

If you are building your business based on who appreciates you, you have the worst business model, warns Tbo Touch, media entrepreneur, whose real name is Thabo Molefe.

Molefe, who is owner of app and online radio station Touch HD, was one of the guests at the recent #LiveBetterTalks by Capitec Bank. He together several entrepreneurs of the entertainment industry shared their business experiences and lessons learned at the #LiveBetterTalks event held in Pretoria.

Capitec’s campaign “Live Better” is created because they believe “you should spend the time and money that you save by banking better, on the things that matter to you the most.”

#LiveBetterTalks is available on YouTube for viewing.

Here are some of our favourite quotes from the entrepreneurs at the #LiveBetterTalks:

TBO Touch: Media entrepreneur and owner of gin, 48Gin

Lesson: Being in business is about relationships

“Ain’t no sense of being in the business space if you don’t like people. You cannot ask yourself to be gifted in my world and you hate people.”

Lesson: Don’t mind the haters

“If you have an army of haters around you, it just affirms how amazing you are.”

Jason Goliath: co-owner of premium comedy club, The Goliath Comedy Club and comedian

Lesson: Don’t be precious about fear

“If you failed as dismally as I’ve failed you realise that nothing is real; You hold on to the wrong things, you’re precious about the wrong things, and all of this stuff can disappear immediately.”

Lesson: Create the life you want

“For me, I’ve always said that you must engineer and design your life in order for it to be the life that you want.”

Kate Goliath: Managing Director of the agency Goliath and Goliath and sister of Jason Goliath

Lesson: Work your way up

“I still do a lot of things in my business, now I am luckily enough to have an assistant and to have a PR team and I have a design team, but I used to do everything by myself… You’ve got to start at the bottom to work your way up.”

Lesson: Don’t be afraid to learn

“I didn’t do Accounting – I dropped out of Accounting in Standard 7 when I was allowed to. (When I started doing business) I had to learn how to do it… I had to learn how to go to SARS and fight with SARS, but I’ve gained more power from it.”

Vukile Zondi: Managing Director of Gagasi FM

Lesson: Chase your passion

“Passion is what drives you beyond your circumstances. As you’re chasing your passion, the why itself crystallizes a lot more.”

Lesson: Self-care is important

“Prioritise being with yourself and your thoughts because it reminds you why it is you’re doing what you’re doing. Me time, you time, prayer time, any time when it’s to be with yourself, to be honest with yourself and to talk to yourself, that thing you have to allow.”

Hulisani Ravele: TV star and radio personality 

Lesson: Believe in yourself

“If you are truly going to be intentional about living better, who are you to not root for yourself?”

Lesson: Don’t give up

“It’s not about how I start or how I stumble, it’s about whether I make the choice to stand up again.”

DJ Sbu: founder of energy drink Mofaya, radio station Massiv Metro and the Hustlers Academy

Lesson: You can rise on your own

“Going at it on your own is never easy but it’s possible. When I tell people you can do anything, they might think it’s impossible because the blockage is in your mind. We all need people, no man is an island, but you shouldn’t think you cannot do it on your own, because you can.”

Lesson: Find purpose

“If you delve so much in your passion, it’s going to automatically get to your purpose, then you become better and better at it.”

Minnie Dlamini: owner of Beautiful Day Productions, TV star and model

Lesson: Be willing to get your hands dirty

“Be willing to work hard. I worked really hard in making sure that I did everything that I could to keep me in the space that I love so much.

“Keep my eye on the real work, focus on what it is that’s going to give me longevity.”

Lesson: Find a niche

“Any success story that you’ve heard of, is yes, someone had a passion and someone had a dream, but someone saw a gap in the market.”

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